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The life of a teenage drama king [entries|friends|calendar]

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Oh Lord Now, there You go with hope again. [Apr16,2006]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i want to look at the world though YOUR eyes, and not mine.

i want to become a better person.

i want to dream the impossible dream.

i want to see the world half full, and not half empty.

i want to never look back.

i want to fly away.

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[ mood | jubilant ]

there is so much love in this world.

me and brad hoffman are starting a hxc band called " the sons of satin" hahahah.

i cant wait to go to dallas.

i want to jump up and down. many many times.


im out.

<3 om.

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Ay Carramba [Apr08,2006]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

so yesterday,

i found my soulmate.

but i dont even know her name.

dallas, here i come.

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[ mood | awake ]

So it seems like now, everything that i have been dwelling on is starting to fall into place. I am beginning to sense that what i once thought was right, is terribly wrong.

I feel that life has taken a big turn, for the best though. and that is that.

I have lots of work to in, and very very little time. What a joke.

I come off as a strong person. You know that. If you dont like me, i dont care. But dont go around begin a bitch and talking shit about me, especially shit you know isn't true.

Next year, i will miss many people, and there are some that i wont miss at all. There is one person in particular that i am going to miss tremendously, and i wont ever forget her. ( dont flatter yourself gurl, its not you.)

well, to all the people that dont talk trash about me, goodnight, and good luck.

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Apple, You Suck. [Mar29,2006]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Shits gotten fucked2 up.

In the past week, i've gone from good to great, and then from bad to worse. I've been extremely lacksidasical, and i wish that i could turn back time.

Apple all in all is a horrendous company. They charge me two hundred dollars for a damn ipod that breaks at will. Plus iTunes blows ass too; its extremely user unfriendly, and it frustrates me very much.

Tennis has also gotten rather monotonous, and i feel that i've not had my mind on the game. I want to go back to those days of pure power and brutality. 

For the US claiming it has one of the greatest and most powerful governments in the world, it sure doesn't show it.

pienso gobierno, pienso.

I want to leave Houston, but then again i dont. I have so many friends here that i know would take a bullet for me, and the last thing i want is to lose them. You people have truly "enlightned" this year for me, and without you, i'd probably be dead in a bush somewhere.

I've been writing alot of music lately, and i cant wait to explode it onto yall.

" get up and go,
you'll never last long,
you'll write the words,
but you just cant feel this.
No matter what,
This is losing you.
So write it off,
It's void around you.
I'll take my time,
Just like you did.
I'm getting by,
This is losing you.
You've got me running,
cuz you think i need it,
I know that you'll be laughing,
when I'm face first on the ground,
No matter what,
this is losing you."

I promise to due my duty, to God and my country, to help other people at all times, and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Cack? never more.

Until Then My Loves,
I bid thee,

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Cartas de amor traicionado [Mar27,2006]
[ mood | contemplative ]

so i've written a few songs.

i think next year im moving to dallas.

i really would like an apple macbook pro.

if you want to buy me one, feel free.

i cant believe i ever loved you.

im infatuated with my keyboard.

the spanish language is quite beautiful.

i really would like to shave my head.

i drew a line, a line for you. _______________

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life's qualms [Mar20,2006]
[ mood | crushed ]

dear senor livejournal.

i felt its been a rather long time since we've chatted, so i felt adieu to leave you a letter.

Not many people read livejournal anymore, but this entry is for a special someone.

In these times of my life, i feel that it is quintessential to really grow and understand myself and other beings. I feel that arguing is not a good solution, but it is one way to really learn to grasp another persons heart. I feel that i have made one of the biggest mistakes in my life, yet i have been with someone who really makes me feel alive.

This someone is perfect, but in this perilious times, i've faced a dilemma in my life. I'm losing her, and i cant. I know i cant. She is so beautiful and perfect, and every moment i get i think about her, call her, dream about her. Its quite pathetic, really.

Mr. Livejournal. I've fallen for a girl, and i know she feels somewhat the same way towards me, yet i cant really seem to grasp to to convey every ounce of my affection to her. She is perfect mr livejournal, and i dont know what to do anymore.

Hopefully, all these things will resolve. But until then, i'll play the piano till the keys turn black, for that is my way of letting my feelings go.

i love this girl mr. livejournal. i love her. dont let her go from me mr. livejournal.


mr. i probablywontbeonhereforanothertwomonths

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It's time for a revelation [Jun15,2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]

It seems like years mr livejournal, since i have visited you. All things aside, I still remember you like yesterday, with all your drama and confusion, but all of this being FUN DRAMA AND CONFUSION.

My life is somewhat monotonous, with me waking up everysingledayatninethirtyandwatchingtv. But life being so plain and repetitive isn't always bad for people like me.

The last march is over, and no marches will be occuring anytime soon. We've moved on, a little more hardcore than we used to be, but i guess its for the best. I mean, whats wrong with a little change, eh?

M3, PHIL, AND JOE are doing a new musical project, ( no name yet, so feel free to share your input), but its gonna be this ambient, post rock, progressive stuff, that we think is preety rad. Its gonna be cool, with alot of stuff that hasn't been heard yet. Oh well, but the end of the summer, we'll have a demo out, and you guys best hit it up.

Tennis is getting kind of boring too, cuz of all the stupid heat in this town. I go out there, and by the time i get back, i wanna go to my bed, and rest my head, cuz i feel dead. And with that said, let me end my little aside on the tennis life of om.

I'm kind of excited for a new school year to hit us, because, last year, i learned what high school really is. But thats ok, i guess you learn through experience right? Oh well, here i come sophomore year, more ready than ever.

Well, mr livejournal, its been good talking to you, and hopefully, we will meet rather soon.

to all my livejournal readers, be safe, and have fun.

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becuase my friends collage wasn't lj space sufficient... [Mar12,2005]
[ mood | peaceful ]

I dedicate this entry to to all of my friends.

This past week has been rather boring, and I didn't really do much of anything. But there is one thing im happy about.

I've talked to so many of my friends, on the phone, on aim, everywhere, and I'm so happy about it.

Some of you guys, I haven't seen in forever, and talking to you has truly made me remember some of the great times.

Some of my really good friends, I've had deep and meaningful conversations with, and it really makes me happy to know that I can share things with the people close to me.

Some of my NEW friends, whom I cant wait to meet btw, lol, who are so awesome. It's so cool, that i've met new friends, and hopefully will keep in contact with in the future.

All things aside from this beyond emo lj entry...


be there k?


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[ mood | pissed off ]


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